Master SolidWorks Surface Design
Learn how to model an Aston Martin

Have you ever wished to master SolidWorks surfacing techniques ?

Did you ever struggle to find in-depth tutorials explaining the fundamentals of complex shapes modelization with SolidWorks ?

This tutorial provides you with the best way to considerably improve your level and skills while designing the Aston Martin One-77.

The key features of surfacing design are explained and used for different purposes throughout this detailed tutorial. This gives you a very effective way to learn surfacing design using concrete examples and complex situations.

Is this tutorial good for you ?

As long as you are motivated to achieve this magnificent car and are eager to fully grasp the potential of surface modeling, this tutorial is for you ! Only a basic knowledge of SolidWorks is needed!
I’m convinced that the best way to learn these new surfacing skills is through examples and demonstrations. That’s why I heavily relied on pictures and screen-shots as a mean to rapidly and efficiently convey the processes involved.

Here is a a sped up video of the process of making the Aston Martin One-77 with SolidWorks. Please note that the actual tutorial is in PDF format.

Covered Features

The Aston Martin One-77 SolidWorks Tutorial has a PDF format. It is structured in 20 chapters, each covering a specific part of the car. These chapters are neatly organized so that the conception of the car is smooth and efficient.

What is this tutorial about ?

This tutorial is about surface modeling. A basic understanding of SolidWorks is thereby needed to progress and acquire new skills. However, most of the features involved here are detailed.
Complex shapes modeling requires high quality surfaces. This tutorial is a step-by-step guide that will show and explain you the process of making this car out of sketches and projected curves!

Surface Bodies Solid Bodies Sketch Others
Boundary Surface
Offset Surface
Knit Surface
Trim Surface
Filled Surface
Ruled Surface
Lofted Surface
Constant/Variable Fillet
Cut With Surface
Extended Surface
Solid Bodies
Extruded Boss/Base
Extruded Cut
"Variable" Chamfer
Boundary Boss/Base
Swept Boss/Base
Swept Cut
2D/3D Sketch
Offset Entities
Trim Entities
Move/Copy Entities
Fit Spline
Spline on Surface
Convert Entities
Mirror Entities
Thin Feature
Projected Curve
Linear/Circular/Curved Pattern
Move/Copy Bodies
Mirror Bodies
Split Bodies
Split Line
Insert into New Part

On top of this list of features, you will learn how to manage your files, draw high-quality curves and you will receive a new package of useful techniques. Accuracy and precision matter, that's why tools such as Projected Curves or Planes will be put forward in the conception of the Aston Martin One-77.
Modeling a car requires smooth surfaces hence high-quality profiles and adapted features. Moreover, tangency or curvature are the cornerstones of a successful modelization.

Aston Martin SolidWorks Car Tutorial

You can find below the illustrated list of chapters included in the tutorial. The first one is the introduction, presenting the tutorial and the good practices. Then comes the modelization!

#2 - Blueprint
#3 - Roof
#4 - Side
#5 - Rear
#6 - Bumper
#7 - Hood
#8 - Window
#9 - Door
Front Wing
#10 - Front Wing
Roof 2
#11 - Roof 2
Side 2
#12 - Side 2
Hood 2
#13 - Hood 2
Rear Bumper
#14 - Rear Bumper
#15 - Grille
#16 - Lights
#17 - Symmetry
#18 - Wheels
Brake Disk
#19 - Brake Disk
#20 - Logo

Here are the first three chapters of the Solidworks Aston Martin Tutorial you can download. It can give you an idea of the content and how the PDF looks like (Note that the blueprints are given in the full tutorial).

Get the Tutorial!

The Aston Martin One-77 SolidWorks Tutorial relies on the PDF format to make it easy for you to follow the modelization. There are a lot of pictures to illustrate the whole process therefore you can have a rapid glance at the situation and grasp the complexity of the surfaces you are modeling. Those pictures display the sketch and the bodies involved with precision and the surrounding text provides extra information as well as a clear plan to make you progress!

Why should you choose this tutorial?

It is definitely worth it. The tutorial covers the entire process of making this car, from the very basic sketches to the most complex surfaces. I put a lot of efforts when I conceived this tutorial in order to provide you with the best work-flow and good practices possible.
Here is a preview of the PDF tutorial. It comes with a clean design and a lot of pictures to explain the modelization process. It is easy to read and follow.

SolidWorks Aston Martin Tutorial - Preview

Getting the tutorial is easy as ABC!

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Take your SolidWorks surfacing skills to the next level. Grab your copy now!

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